Residence on Skagit Head, Whidbey Island

This project was one of my better residential design-build  opportunities. An article was written about it in the February 13, 2005 Pacific Northwest magazine titled “Stepping Out”.  The residence is wood-frame and stucco. For some reason the owner said it was concrete and steel. Other than that, it’s a great article.

Residence – Palo Alto, California

One of the few things I ever built that I didn’t design. Just too good of an opportunity to it pass up. I was the general contractor, lead frame/ finish carpenter on this one.Saved the owner a ton of money on the detailing. Project was in 1989- the year the 7.2 earthquake hit the Bay…

Residence – Salina, Kansas

My first custom home design- build. Fresh out of college, I was 24 years old when I broke ground on this project. Designed and built five more custom homes in my home town, along with several smaller project, before moving to San Francisco in 1980 to serve out my three- year architectural apprenticeship.

Dining addition – San Francisco, California

This was a three-story dining/ deck addition I did in the Castro District. Typical of the several residential projects I did in San Francisco. (I had never done any remodeling until I moved to San Francisco.)  Spent over a year as the sole finish carpenter on a four story Russian Victorian in the Pacific Heights…